Once more about the Wachowskis, then I'll move on ...

The point I'm trying to make with my blog is that the film industry is changing to the digital/film industry.  Two city/states, LA, CA and NYC, NY have realized this but they've realized a long time ago that the film industry is a money maker for business, their state and their city.  CA usually brings in $20+BILLION/yr, the runaway leader, but NY does a respectable $7+BILLION/yr.  Chicago and IL does $160+million on a banner year so there is room for improvement, don't you think?  I hope so.

The Wachowskis are very innovative and leaders in the new digital technology ... they live and work here in Chicago but don't shoot here because there are no facilities for them.  HELLO!  Ask them what they want; they know the business.  Lana Wachowski mentioned in one of the Trib articles that she is lobbying for facilities.  No-one is listening;  meanwhile, NY and CA control over 60% of the film industry.  IL had about 2.6% in 2010 and it’s slipping.  Make the move Chicago ... build for the future.

A new built for the industry facility with the help of the Wachowskis’ insights is the catalyst for greater things for the city and the state.  This opportunity is staring the city and the state in the face and no-one can't see it.  Wake up! ... for the sake of Chicago's and Illinois' fading film industry jump into the digital/film industry before it passes by.

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  • Hi, I'm a journalism/film student from Northwestern and I'm currently writing a story on Chicago independent filmmakers, and I was wondering if you would be willing to talk on the subject. I can be reached through my email: johnfoster2014@u.northwestern.edu

  • *sigh* Maybe one day something like this will happen to the state of Illinois. Good for Atlanta.


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