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Surge of commercials shooting on Chicago locations (Sep 24, 2012)

‘A RECORD BREAKER? Six Chicago and L.A.-New York production companies are making September one of the busiest months of the year for commercial shoots on Chicago locations and more companies are setting up for October work.

Santa Monica-based Box Industries is filming commercials for the Illinois Lottery.’
(FYI—Chicago production companies shot those spots along with Illinois Tourism spots not too long ago)

HELLO!  Record breaker??!!

This was once considered a bad month.  If I worked only six commercials in a month, I was terrified that the business was collapsing!  Today, it’s a record breaker!!  What has happened and why is the film community standing for this??  Complacency?  Or 'I just don’t give a crap' attitude?  Or what?

You, the film community, I HOPE! realize that these aren’t good times.  If nothing is done, the film industry is done in Chicago.  $161million isn’t a banner year.  I don’t care what the film office says.  It’s the middle of a free fall to oblivion for Chicago’s film industry.

Converting an abandoned factory on the ‘West side’ (an enterprise zone!) into the ‘Midwest’s Hollywood’ is a folly.  It’s a factory; it will always be a factory.   It turns our film industry (by the way, it’s a digital film industry … get your head out of the sand, Chicago.) into an assembly line churning out ‘B’ grade productions.  Jury is out on Chicago Fire.

Chicago’s last major feature flurry was Transformer and Superman which  were really just pick up shots, very expensive pick-up shots  but still considering the budgets (way beyond Chicago’s comprehension) were  small potatoes.  Today, it’s late in 2012 and almost over … no feature work in sight for Chicago.

Chicago need to have a reality check, look around and see what is happening out there.  Of course, LA and NYC are the leaders in production.  But, it’s because they built for the film industry and are continuing to build for the digital film industry.  Both LA and NYC constantly complain about run-away productions but it has to be tongue in cheek comments … LA is doing $17BILLION/yr.; NYC is doing $7BILLION/yr. and as we know Chicago does $160million in a banner year.

For the sake of the people left in Chicago, I sincerely hope a few of the TV series now running turn out to be winners because if nothing comes out these, Chicago’s free-fall to oblivion continues-- was number 3 in film production, fell to number 5, is passing up the number 9 ranking on the free fall!

Look to the future of the digital film industry; build for the future, train for the future and hope for a return to the ‘good times’.

Is it true YouTube is earning $BILLIONS for Google?


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