What made the good old days?

I keep hearing the good old days are gone.  Times have changed but what made those days?  We did-- the people were the good old days.  It wasn’t just there-- we built what was there. We invested our time and our money.  We didn’t mind; we enjoyed the ‘biz’ because we worked hard at it and it provided a very good life for us.  People worked hard to make Chicago’s film industry what it was. The technologies were changing.  There were severe recessions.  There were hard times.  But, people kept believing in the industry.  The problem today is-- it seems to be slipping away! People make Chicago what it is. Today is your choice. Your past will be a product of what you do today.  If you do nothing, ….

This probably started when you were in school.  There was a class you really liked. A sport you thought you were good at.  A club that you enjoyed being in.  You developed a passion for something … you liked it, you enjoyed it; it became your focus. Maybe, you fell into it. But, it became important to you.  You wanted to better at whatever it was.  You paid attention, you watched, you learned.  You wanted to be good at whatever it was. You worked at it. You studied it. You made mistakes but you learned from that you moved on; and you did get better.

If you laugh at this thought, you’ll never be good at anything.  You’ll be one of the crowd.  You’re happy with … nothing.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is giving Chicago’s film industry another chance!  It’s a program called Investing in Chicago. In my day, we never had this opportunity. We invested our own money. I, personally, put up my house.  Today, right now, $7B is available to help Chicago re-build.  Instead of handing out money to a Canadian, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is offering money to Chicagoans with good ideas to help Chicago become a leader, again. There will be a lot of tough competition.  But, if the film industry wants to re-invent itself, now is the time! Put that idea you have into a business plan and present it to the Mayor’s Office … it just might work! It’s a long hard process but it will be worth it.  In our day, we did it; but, with our own money.  Today, it’s up to you--your call. These days could be your ‘good old days’.

Give it a shot—it will be worth it!  You’ll never regret for trying but people do regret, later … when it’s too late for not trying.

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