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DIY: Steampunk Necklace

DIY: Steampunk Necklace
If you’re into fashion subcultures, steampunk is a popular one that’s been floating around for a while. You see it at the Renaissance Faire and you see it at specialty conventions. What is steampunk exactly? Think the World’s Columbian Exposition, the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. Think air ships, cogs and gears, corsets with buckles... Read more »

How to DIY: The Golden Rules and Messing Them Up

First off, I’m not listing steps to this diy because I followed a tutorial from Honestly WTF. I had an omg-moment when I found this diy because I have a necklace just like the one shown. It has sat in a box in my closet since 2007 when I wore it to prom. See? (kind... Read more »

DIY Metal Purse Handle Necklace (really)

DIY Metal Purse Handle Necklace (really)
One of the coolest accessory trends at the moment is the metal collar necklace. I haven’t found one that I like yet; they look a bit too Cleopatra to me. Fortunately, I found an alternative! Once you get in the crafty state of mind, you’ll start seeing potential projects everywhere. My friend was getting rid... Read more »
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