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DIY Halloween Costume Gallery

A bat with umbrella wings. In terms of using unconventional materials, this is brilliant.
It’s that time of year again. Halloween is the only holiday where clothes are the main focus and we feel a ton of pressure about what we should wear. Do we go clever? Cutesy? Skimpy? It’s the one time where we can dress as someone other thanĀ ourselves (and it’s socially acceptable). Surprisingly, I’m not one... Read more »

DIY: Garters! (perfect for Halloween costumes)

DIY: Garters! (perfect for Halloween costumes)
Happy Halloween Eve! If you’re in a last minute need to add some sass to an obscenely short Halloween outfit, sock garters (or a belt) are a great accessory. Thigh highs have been my favorite things for the past 2 years but if you’re like me and have normal shaped legs, they tend to slip... Read more »