DIY Halloween Costume Gallery

It's that time of year again. Halloween is the only holiday where clothes are the main focus and we feel a ton of pressure about what we should wear. Do we go clever? Cutesy? Skimpy? It's the one time where we can dress as someone other than ourselves (and it's socially acceptable).

Surprisingly, I'm not one to create something clever and amazing for the holiday. In the past few years, I've been a gangster, a "Devil in a Blue Dress," and recently Daria. My outfit for that costume came entirely from clothes I wear on a regular basis: black skirt, black combat boots, green jacket. People questioned if I was even dressed up at all. But that's ok in my opinion. Throwing something together from what I have is my favorite kind of DIY.

Given my attitude, it's not surprising that I hate those stupid costumes in a bag you get at the Halloween Store. One, they're made out of terrible materials; two, they look like they'll fall apart by the end of the night and; three, they're completely unoriginal and expected.

Buying a Halloween costume in a bag is a total cop out and says “I spent 30 seconds thinking about how I'm going to look." It also says "I'm generic" and "I smell like cheap plastic." As my opinion is on most outfits, I think you should make your own.

Here is my top 7 list of creative costumes that you can make yourself. Some of these pics are from around the web, some I have actually experienced IRL. Nothing is better than a clever costume. Maybe you want to get the most laughs. Maybe you want to wow your friends with a costume that no one has ever seen before. Because really, they're better conversation starters than being one of the five sexy nurses or kittens at a party.


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