DIY: Lace Shorts

DIY: Lace Shorts

Hello diy-ers! It's been some time, yeah? I have a real excuse this time. I moved. I moved from the green-grass burbs into Chicago city limits. Making clothes and things has been on hold for a while. But now that I'm settled in my new place with my own fabric scissors and my fabric scrap box, I'm ready to jump back into the game.

Out in the suburbs, the closest thing we have to a fabric store is a pitiful JoAnn Fabrics. Oh, and there's a Loomcraft near me, which is amazing if you're in the market for thicker, upholstry fabric. Don't you dare turn up your nose at me; that stuff is amazing.

I currently work smack in the middle of the loop and though a google search for fabric stores, I found Chicago Fabric Yarn & Button Sales a couple block away. This tiny fabric store is tucked in on Wabash right down the street from Miller's Pub. The walls are lined with bolts for $5 a yard. I'm used to off-white in the typical lace pattern with the blotchy roses. This store had at least 7 different laces. I'm sold. They also have an amazing trimmings selection. Tons of lace. I got two yards of one for no reason at all.

The reason I'm on such a lace-kick is that I have this pair of shorts that I modified and I wear them entirely too often. So I need to make another slightly different pair. The jean shorts were way too short so to add a bit of extra length, I sewed on the edges of some lace I had gotten for a different project. I get compliments on them all the time.

Most of my shorts are thrifted jeans that I cut and deconstructed. The pair I got for this project were comically short but fit my waist, which is all that really matters. And I could have gotten a different patten than this simple liney one. I could have gotten the flowery one. But when do I ever get what everyone else has? NEVER.


First put on your jeans and make a mark with a piece of chalk where you want your shorts to hit. Leave some extra length if you plan on folding the edges up like I did. Then cut the legs off! Don't worry, this is the scariest part. Always cut longer than you think you'll want because you can always cut more off later.


I wanted to cover the back pockets entirely in lace; I picked jeans with plain, simple pockets for this reason. I put my lace over the pockets and traced around them, leaving extra room for a seam allowance. Fold under the edges and sew exactly to fit the pocket so you don't have any raw edges. I decided to hand sew everything because I like torturing myself. Actually, I find it therapeutic and relaxing and I like having something to I do while watching tv.


For covering the inside part of the front pockets, you only have to fold over the top and one side of the lace because the other sides won't be visible. Doesn't matter if they're unfinished seams!


I wanted to have the bottom folded over so I didn't have to sew the raw edge. The easiest way to do this is to put on your shorts and fold them up to right where you want them to stop. Pin and remove. Use a seam gauge to make sure the fold is the same length all the way around. I finally busted out the sewing machine to sew a seam all the way around to keep the bottom from unfolding.


Done! Obligatory booty shot. Also, this project was started at night and finished in the morning, hence the two-tones photos. Happy diy-ing!-/

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