(Almost) English Slogan T-Shirts

Today, I'm going to brighten your day with some hilarious phrases found on various tops. You might chuckle a bit. You might even want to buy one.

The clothes sold on this particular website, Yesstyle.com, are from brands from a few different countries in East Asia. Like most sites, they have clothes with English slogans or sentences. But these clothes feature a mutated version of English based off of translation. Coming from a half Polish family, I completely understand this. My family speaks Polenglish every time they're together. They drop words and Polish-ize others they don't remember the word for. Remember the movie Spanglish? How about the play Chinglish? Mixing languages is common practice.

I'm a loyal Yesstyle customer and I frequently buy clothes from the website. Their shipping is phenomenal; $10 for up to $150 (after that it's free) and the package ships from Hong Kong in only THREE days. I have adorable snowflake leggings and a hoodie dress with big pockets that I'm extremely fond of. They also sell this thing called a slipdress, which may be one of the best inventions ever.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to poke fun at these brands for mistakes. If anything, I find them endearing. I would totally wear a shirt that says A Moose Milk. Why? Because you definitely can't find something like that in America. Then I could shrug nonchalantly and respond “Well, it's from South Korea,” when someone asks me about it. It's foreign, it's exotic, it's just my style.

When I mentioned these shirts to a friend, she responded that it reminded her of people who get kanji or Chinese character tattoos. Perfect example. Some people (cough my brother cough) get tats of these symbols and don't have a clue about what they mean. Or they think they know exactly what their tattoo says, but it's actually completely wrong. It's the same concept.

Check out this gallery of [almost] English shirts. Are there any that you'd buy? I'm totally digging the “been modern John” top with the mustache!

For more reinterpreted English, check this website out: Chairman LOL



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  • "Here you will dream of people you admire exposing you fraudvience" I would totally wear that one lol! I think it's awesome : ) I loved this article. I'm always trying to teach myself phrases in new languages through song lyrics and poetry and I'm sure I butcher everything. I totally need one of these shirts.

  • In reply to JOYmatchmaker:

    Me too! I love music in other languages, even though I don't know what they're saying. I would definitely wear most of these shirts as well. Thanks for reading!

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