An Ode to Indestructible Jeans

Do you have a piece of clothing that you've had forever? That one shirt that's a go-to when you need to throw something on and don't have time to assemble an outfit? That one pair of pants that fits you like a glove no matter how many pounds you put on?

I don't want to drop an “I did this before it was cool” line, but my group of friends wore skinny jeans before they were sold in stores at the mall. My proof? We sewed our pants in ourselves. We bought the typical flared pants sold at American Eagle, parked ourselves at the sewing machine, and stitched the inseam to a taper. We were always a crafty bunch.

The pair of jeans in question was the first pair of skinny jeans I ever owned. Let's estimate it was senior year of high school. That makes this pair of jeans at least 7 years old.

I have a pair of pants that has been with me through thick and thin. They stuck with me during the last year of high school and all of my college experience. They were my “going out” jeans, my schelpping to class jeans, my running to the store jeans. They survived a St. Patrick's Day when I feel off a front porch and afternoons spent horseback riding through clouds of dust.


The Jeans.

My wonderful jeans are not memorable. Five pocket construction, tonal stitching, a bit of stretch to the fabric. They don't have adornments or fancy seams on the pocket. Jeans always seem so basic to me that I hardly care what they look like, as long as they're made of denim and a color I like. My indestructible jeans were $12.50 at Forever21. I don't really understand buying designer jeans. They all have generally the same shape so it seems pointless to drop  a ton of money on them. (Maybe I'm just cheap.)

jeans forever21

A similar F21 model of The Jeans.

I might be physically and mentally attached to this pair of pants. It's like having a baby blanket when you're little. Comforting and reliable. These are two words that don't often come to mind when talking about high fashion. What a shame.

My jeans are definitely showing signs of wear and tear. The seam on my left leg has gradually started fraying for the past few years. The denim has become extremely soft, but also worn and thin. I just know the crotch seam will rip right in half eventually.

I know one day, maybe soon, these jeans will finally become unwearable. But until then, no matter how damaged and worn they might be, they are perfect.

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