Winter is the best season... for clothes!

Winter is my absolute favorite season when it comes to my wardrobe. Hear me out before you challenge me with your hatred of Midwestern subzero temperatures and snow plows that knock over your mailbox every year. Yes, there's snow and slush and sometimes all that salt starts to eat through my shoes. But! No season has as many options for clothing as winter. I'd rather be bundled up in a warm coat than sweltering in a summer t-shirt. Here are my top five reasons why colder weather is best for your wardrobe:



Finally! Those of us with pastey white skin can ditch the yellows and bright oranges of the summer hues. Winter colors look great with any skin tone. I love colors like olive green, charcoal grey, and my new favorite, wine red. Of course, plain black is always a staple. I can never forget the looks I got as I walked down the street in Charleston, SC wearing an all-black outfit at the beginning of summer. You would have thought I was Wednesday Addams surrounded by the Red Hat Society.


You can always add more layers of warmth to what you're wearing, but you can only take so many off when the temp hits above 95 degrees. I have yet to meet a person who doesn't enjoy being wrapped in a cuddley sweater. Keep piling on the layers as the temperature drops.


Boots absolutely get their own category. There's nothing I love more than tall boots keeping my always-cold feet warm. I pine for my Dr. Martens every summer when I can't stand to wear any closed-toe shoe (let alone socks). I even love girly boots with fur and fuzzy pompoms. There's nothing more terrible than chilly ankles in a winter wind.


My absolute favorite thing about a winter wardrobe is that warm weather clothes can still be worn. Did you just score a rad dress at the end of summer? No problem, just wear it with tights. Cardigans and blazers are designed to be worn with a garment underneath. Recycling a top from your summer weather wardrobe is perfectly acceptable.


Scarves! Hats! Mittens! Knitted wool covering almost every inch of your skin! Putting on a coat with outdoor accessories is like wearing a completely separate outfit from what you have on underneath. I love paring a black beret and a Burberry-style scarf with a simple peacoat for a super preppy look. And surprise, I'm wearing a punky studded shirt underneath. Not to mention, are you having a bad hair day? That's nothing a a crocheted hat can't fix (or hide).

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