DIY Metal Purse Handle Necklace (really)

DIY Metal Purse Handle Necklace (really)

One of the coolest accessory trends at the moment is the metal collar necklace. I haven't found one that I like yet; they look a bit too Cleopatra to me. Fortunately, I found an alternative!

Once you get in the crafty state of mind, you'll start seeing potential projects everywhere. My friend was getting rid of a whole box of purses and I noticed these gold metal handles on one of the bags. I had no interest in the purse, but I chopped both handles off to turn them into necklaces. Only one handle had usable black cords so I picked up more in a similar style from Joann Fabrics.


-1.5 ft of black cord
-curved metal tube
-hot glue
-wrapping wire (I used 26 gauge)

Double your cord evenly and thread it through your metal tube. Cut the looped end so you have 4 ends on each side.


Make sure that the two pieces of cord are the same length, hot glue the two pieces of thread together. Then glue the corresponding sides together so that all 4 ends are glued.


Once the glue has dried, wind the wire around the glued end. Coil each wrap tightly, making sure that the glued end is hidden.

Voila! Make sure to keep your creative eye out for materials that could turn into your next DIY project.


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