4 Common sayings deflated

Myth #1: We are all born alone and die alone.

Okay, no one is born alone. Some female carried us around for nine months then popped us out while being very much present.

Myth #2: Power corrupts.

Not necessarily so.

Give power to a sleazy individual and you get sleazy consequences. Whatever you say, Pres Trump.

Give power to a respectful individual and you get…glory. Thank you Bill Gates, Warren Buffett….

Myth #3: You can’t buy happiness.

There’s no such thing as joy bundled in an affordable, basic happiness package or an elite, premium one that you can purchase like cable.

But you can buy tickets to football games, concerts and trips to Maui. Unless you live on an island of sunshine and breezy beaches, sometimes happiness comes with a price tag.

Myth #4: Money makes the world go round.

It’s the holidays, and everyone knows love, joy and peace sustain the world. A little extra cash is just icing on the cake. Spread some cheer. It doesn’t cost a thing. Happy holidays.

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