Wooden Floors

Water can encourage mold growth on wooden floors. Moisture is highly discouraged on wooden floorboards.

Emma, a queen in her little cottage, prized her wooden floors. The wooden floors were always polished like a gem. Her floorboards shone like bars of gold in the sun’s rays.

When Emma noticed anything from a drop to a puddle on her wooden floors, she’d scream like a knight in battle.

The elves in the woods who strolled by would shriek in fright and quickly hide behind a tree. They would never enter her cottage when they went to the river to gather drinking water, as they were afraid of accidental spills. Though, Emma would constantly ask them to come in for tea. The elves knew her fits of rage at the possibility of water droplets on her wooden floors. Remaining terrified, they stayed away.

Emma’s wooden floors remained her prized possession until the last of her days in her cottage in the forest. When she died, the elves buried her in a wooden casket they built themselves—a gold-tone wooden casket made from her very own precious wooden floorboards.

At night, whenever the rain pelted heavily onto nature’s sacred land, the elves would hear in the distance, screams and shrieks of frustration coming…from beneath the ground, from a wooden coffin made with exquisite wooden floorboards.


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