We are all wheels inside a machine

We’re all wheels inside a working machine. Most of us are tiny wheels, still as important to the function of the overall machine as any other part. If even a tiny wheel were missing, the machine would cease to operate.

Some of us are great big wheels, noticeable and grand, but just as relevant as the tiny wheels that enable the machine to operate as it should.machine

Then others are squeaky wheels, producing more empty noise than necessary—like President Donald J. Trump (couldn’t resist that one). The squeaky wheel gives a hefty clue as to the malfunctions within the machine itself. The squeaky wheel is as central as the tiny wheel and often parades as a great big wheel, but is still known only as an annoying, squeaky wheel.

Then there are the parts of the well-oiled machine that bring it to a crashing halt—at least temporarily. These intrusive particles interrupt the proper workings of the majestic machine, like a canyon rock thrown into an operating mechanism, bringing it to a screeching stop. These little intruders eventually fall out of the machine or are somehow kicked out by natural motion, allowing the machine to continue its routine.

These days, there are more and more interruptions in the smooth workings of the great big machine. They are eventually ousted from the machine itself, but similar imposters do not fail to emerge.

That is the way of the great big machine. It works and works and never ceases to amaze.

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