Life Manual: How to Solve the World’s Social Injustices

The editors of this ambitious project intended for the Life Manual, as proposed, to heal the world of its ugly injustices.

The hopeful editors prepared extensively, covering a magnitude of social injustices, from intolerance to racism to misogyny to bigotry—that all humans face to some degree, no matter who they are or where they are from.

Sadly, the editors were unable to start the project due to a lack of support from all those involved—namely, the human race.

The editors regretfully note that this project may be picked up again once all human cooperation is achieved—and this means, say the wise editors, that this project will only resume, basically, never, as the human race is inherently and inescapably flawed.

The editors offer their sincerest apologies to all those who expected a glimmering light of hope for the human world in which we live.


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