If People Lived on Pangaea

Two hundred and fifty million years ago, our world was occupied with a single, massive continent known as Pangaea. Over millions of years, Pangaea separated to form the world’s continents as we know them today.

But… what if…humans existed on Pangaea 250 million years ago?

Based on historical evidence of humankind, people on Pangaea would theoretically not be separated by religion or race—as our world is strikingly divided today.



People, if we existed on Pangaea, would be united. Mountains and oceans would not separate our ideas, beliefs or idiosyncrasies. The human race would be one.

The world would be a vastly different place if humans lived on Pangaea. We’d have thrived. Our society would not be beset with wars, terrorism and hate. It is very likely our land of Pangaea would flourish and mankind would as well, with togetherness and shared identities. Cooperation would be the source of survival, as every human living on Pangaea would know his neighbor.

But, as luck would have it, humankind genuinely knows almost nothing about unity. We are a separate race of man, divided by place, religion, cultural identity and a host of differentiating factors that dispel our sense of oneness.

One would argue that Pangaea, in its separation, gifted humankind with diversity of culture, religion, credence and mannerism.

Diversity must have been the destiny for the people of earth, since we were certainly not plopped down into Pangaea 250 million years ago to experience the benefits of solidarity!

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