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Life's Only Guarantee

Those who depart to an early grave Are blessed and divinely saved Nothing will bring them back, Not a tear, hooray or life hack. In all earnest, believe you me, Earth is not the best place to be. The long gone are eternally fortunate, Escaping life’s brutality and hate. In all sincerity, we’ll all one... Read more »

What Mankind's Successors Will Think Of Us

There will come a time in the distant future, when the older generations will tell stories of the ancient race of humans. Yes, humans are one race—the human race. One species known as man. The old man sat with his grandson and told him the story of ancient man from the millenniums that spanned through... Read more »

The Night of Life

The night of life fast approaches Dawn gave birth to the sunrise   The sun is but setting Soon the darkness will set in, To reveal celestial stars   The sun will disappear Night finally closes one miniscule life

If People Lived on Pangaea

Two hundred and fifty million years ago, our world was occupied with a single, massive continent known as Pangaea. Over millions of years, Pangaea separated to form the world’s continents as we know them today. But… what if…humans existed on Pangaea 250 million years ago? Based on historical evidence of humankind, people on Pangaea would... Read more »