The Double-Edged Sword of Extreme Creativity


Pieta by Michelangelo

Those gifted with the possession of extreme creativity suffer from a double-edged sword—that of excruciating loneliness as well as the blessing of heightened creativity.

The creative has no genuine friends, no sincere lover, not a soul in whom to confide; therefore h/she suffers a complete disconnect socially—yet is able to connect with the world’s people only through his/her creative work.

Lacking complete social responsibility (to friends or partners), the extreme creative is blessed with an abundance of time to devote himself or herself to creative projects. That significant time alone gives fuel to the creative spark within to pursue his/her life’s work. The downside is painful loneliness. The creative is a human being too, needing social outlets, yet deprived of an ability to connect to most people.

Be it through high intelligence or an alternate way of seeing the world, the creative cannot be at one with anyone—except through his/her art.

Yes, Michelangelo had no friends and never married. Yet, Leonardo da Vinci, a genius in his own right, had many friends. Steve Jobs was no friend to many, yet he was the last known genius of our time.


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