Gene Editing Allows Man to Fly

It is the year 2040 and gene manipulation is at the height of its powers. Man is no longer malformed or unhealthy—gene editing has eliminated all traces of disease. As a result, the earth is overpopulated with healthy, robust humankind. Scientists now turn to the sky as a habitable residence for the human population.

Gene editors, adeptly skilled in gene editing, find a systematic way to introduce a mutated gene into human embryos to enable them to grow wings—similar to featherless pterodactyls of the Paleolithic age…when dinosaurs roamed the earth and ruled over the skies.

The new generation of winged human babies are few but growing, as they age and enter their school years. Since there are so few winged humans, these children are clustered in a special school where they learn to make the most use of their wings. Often in public, the few winged children suffer scorn and mockery for their differences from the majority of children whom the scientists had not “edited”.

Slowly, however, as the children grow into flying adults, more and more children are born with wings. The population of man is changing. Humans are taking to the skies, to the treetops to breathe and soar and live. No longer is space travel necessary. We take to the skies like birds. We, a new generation of humans, are at the height of our freedom—literally.pterodactyl

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