Top 3: Talented or “Just Famous”?

There are those who capture the fancy of the masses for their talent or out of simple curiosity. Here’s a breakdown of the latest pop culture celebrities ranked for their talent.

Priyanka Chopra

She’s definitely a personality. Priyanka is a show woman whom the camera loves. She can dance in Bollywood numbers, holding the attention of audiences around the world. But, can she act? Priyanka’s talent lies in her ability to strut her personality with talk show hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Kelly Ripa. Despite her dynamic presence on screen, her acting ability is minimal. Acting is a particular craft only a special few hone, and Priyanka, despite making 50 movies mainly in Bollywood and a few in Hollywood, is a money-making personality.

Reality: Priyanka is Just Famous


biebsJustin Bieber

The Biebs may be banned from China to keep the country’s entertainment “pure” and he may not be one to make the wisest life decisions. Justin loves to enjoy all the luxuries of life, from beautiful women to fast cars to fancy liquor. But there is one thing that keeps the Biebs in the entertainment buzz all these years, and that is his innate talent…in song and dance…that the masses continue to enjoy.

Reality: The Biebs is Talented


Nikki MinajNikki Minaj

A woman who can write songs and perform her lyrics with the ease and carefree magic of a perfectionistic wordsmith, Nikki Minaj is a captivating performer. Unique and slightly on the wild side with her lyrics and image, she enjoys the spotlight. She has earned her place on the world stage with her music.

Reality: Nikki is Talented

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