An Ode to Fame: What Is Its Lure?

Shakespeare, Homer and even King Arthur—all share eternal life.

Fame is the pinnacle of success.

Fame is the height of the good life.

Fame is to win the admiration of the many.

Fame is achievement, no question asked, as fame is its proof.

Fame is happiness found 100%.

Fame is … immortality.

Alexander the Great, a strategic leader known for his military prowess, is a famed hero who was plucked from the earth at 33 years of age. Still, thousands of years later, he is a renowned figure.

King Tut, or Egypt’s Tutankhamen, a royal lad who died in the prime of his youth, is still celebrated today after thousands of years of being laid to rest.


This is fame’s lure—to be admired by one’s contemporaries and renowned for centuries thereafter.

The sweet nectar of fame is to live forever.

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