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An Ode to Fame: What Is Its Lure?

Shakespeare, Homer and even King Arthur—all share eternal life. Fame is the pinnacle of success. Fame is the height of the good life. Fame is to win the admiration of the many. Fame is achievement, no question asked, as fame is its proof. Fame is happiness found 100%. Fame is … immortality. Alexander the Great,... Read more »

Top 3: Talented or “Just Famous”?

There are those who capture the fancy of the masses for their talent or out of simple curiosity. Here’s a breakdown of the latest pop culture celebrities ranked for their talent. Priyanka Chopra She’s definitely a personality. Priyanka is a show woman whom the camera loves. She can dance in Bollywood numbers, holding the attention... Read more »

Ed Sheeran During the Renaissance

It is 15th century Italy, and Edward Sheeran is a popular folk singer, frequently appearing at the royal Medici family courts. Sheeran’s Renaissance companions include his brilliant contemporary Raphael, another likewise likable and good-tempered artist. Raphael, in homage to his gifted musician friend, painted Ed into the famed The School of Athens. In Raphael’s painting... Read more »

The Talented vs. Talentless

Most of us are talented in at least some way. We’re excellent mothers or best friends. We can wield a wrench like it’s no one’s business. A few of us are blessed with enormous skill as musicians, sportsmen, actors or dancers—who can earn a living with the sheer grace of our ability to play the... Read more »

A Letter to My Friend in the Oval Office

Dear Donald, As one of your many closest friends and trusted confidantes, I have taken notice of your journey. You were once a carefree man of bravado, capable of achieving anything. Your gusto is what got you into your latest project, the US presidency. You mentioned you did not think being president would be such... Read more »