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Maybe I’ll Move to Heaven

I hear the weather is pretty nice up there—not that anyone who’s ever visited has returned and bragged about it. But I reckon it’s filled with glorious days and slumberous nights—the moon with all its mystery and craters as close as taking a stroll “abroad”. “Hey there, Man on the Moon! I’ve seen you from... Read more »

The Right to Live and the Right to Die

Suicide is the ultimate rejection of the world … and everything in it. Every individual, free as we are, has a right to die whenever the call to reject life is stronger than the will to live. Physician-assisted suicide is allowed in some states, and agreeably so. When one is suffering constantly, it only makes... Read more »

One Sentence Describes the Trump Presidency

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.” Speaker of the House Paul Ryan with all frivolity says President Trump is “new to this” thing called the American presidency. He even had the audacity to chuckle when he spoke those words! That’s no excuse to have an amateur run... Read more »

The Effect of the Presidency on Trump

President Donald Trump has not remarkably changed the US, but the presidency has indeed changed him. No longer does the president’s blond, effortless frontal flop have a life of its own. Rather his hair is thinning and losing its larger-than-life status—due to stress. His demeanor is far more subdued and serious. Trump is no longer... Read more »