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The 10,000th Drop

“A drop “Of water “Fell, drop by drop “Upon Francois’ head. “A single drop, repeatedly, without fail. “The prisoner, Francois, was tightly strapped to a simple cot bolted to the ground. He was immobile. Not a twitch of his muscles could disrupt that drop, upon drop, upon his head. “The young man, when first taken... Read more »

If Trump Were Invited to Join the Russian Presidential Executive Office

In short, if President Trump were asked to join Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Executive Office, he would accept without a second’s worth of hesitation. Trump’s ego far outweighs his logic. As a businessman, he makes decisions within seconds. That’s just the trait of any successful entrepreneur. And Russia? It’s no question that Trump’s loyalties lie with... Read more »

The Sea Lion Abduction: What a Story to Tell

The young girl sat along the dock in a Canadian harbor. The day was sunny, the weather warm as the Canadian springs get. A flurry of sea lions scrimmaged along that very harbor. The king of sea lions noticed the unwitting, innocent girl, sitting happily by the wayside, with her family adoring her. The sea... Read more »


Curls in her hair and a bow clenching her rings tight, the little girl sat in the woods and looked into the lake. She spoke into the waters, saying, “Father is coming to take me away from here. He knows in this place there are conniving monsters disguised as innocuous mortals, and they come so... Read more »

Famous Folks Find Fame From Foresight and Folly (A Thoughtful Tongue Twister)

Trump truly terrorizes travel, theocracies … and Twitter. Megan Mullally makes merry on a Monday in May meeting a myriad of moviegoers. Pence perhaps is privy to the political power promulgating the present presidency. Kim Kardashian cannot capitalize on credibility … but can on catastrophe! Boisterous Bieber embraces bubbly, big-bosomed beauties. Ellen eloquently elongates the... Read more »

The Value of Fame Is Like a Neighborhood

Many noteworthy people are like rare four-leaf clovers, hidden amongst the greenest pastures, fields and grasses. Nobel Laureates, for instance, are tucked away, out of the public scrutiny and living noble lives of peace and diligence, which had earned them their brief moment in the spotlight in the first place. On the opposite spectrum are... Read more »


The creature of a thousand years could not die, could not escape its torturous life, painfully accepting each day without the nearing of a peaceful, eternal repose, where want does not eat away at its very core, where the cowardice of others fails to infringe upon its distant contentment. Done, done. The creature would only... Read more »

The Gods’ Rotten Tomatoes

In flights of fury, the gods threw the rotten tomatoes into a basket. The basket was no ordinary basket. It was a sphere, holding ample amounts of water, sand and dirt, at the same time, in strategic places. Some rotten tomatoes landed on the dirt. Others fell into the water and dissolved immediately. But one... Read more »