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The Reason We Look for Life On Other Planets

We seek intelligent life forms on other planets for one reason: Good people are hard to come by here on earth. Scientists, researchers and hobbyist astronomers look for earth-like lifeforms on planets across our galaxy because there is a shortage of good people on our own planet. We know that evil destroys itself, and that... Read more »

First vs. Third World Problems (Series)

Happiness and pain in humans are shared emotions, no matter if you live in the wealthy Netherlands or impoverished Columbia. Below are third-world versus first-world problems that both separate and unite us as human beings:   First-World Problem (actually heard): “I’m going to fill up my water bottle. All these keyboard keystrokes have gotten me... Read more »

Erect a Maze Instead of the Great Wall of Trump

Areas in the world have beautiful maze gardens. Visitors attempt to frolic within the maze, playfully getting caught inside, but cheerfully finding their way out. Instead of building the Great Wall of Trump to deter drug-related crimes and other illegal activities that have their beginnings along the US-Mexican border, build a maze. Those who enter... Read more »

Ban Drug Prohibition vs. Build the Great Wall of Trump

Of late, creative approaches to the Great Wall of Trump have been proposed, including building solar panel walls to generate electricity, walls that provide a mutual oasis of entertainment to both the US and Mexico and so on. The purpose of the Great Wall of Trump is to deter the proliferation of drugs and crime... Read more »

The Translucent Human Race: A Brief History

A group of historic humans lived off the coast of British Columbia 14,000 years ago. To provide context, these members of the human family existed before the great pyramids of Egypt were built. During the Ice Age, when humans traversed across the land bridge between Siberia and Alaska, a small group’s progress came to a... Read more »

First vs. Third World Problems

In an effort to examine first- versus third-world problems, there exists an ocean of difference yet similar characteristics—as we are all an important part of the human race. The first-world interchanges below are taken from real-life instances, the third-world from observed inferences: First World Problem (actually heard): “I had a bad weekend. It was reflected... Read more »

The reason puppies’ facial expressions are forlorn

Puppies are cute but require a lot of sympathy, especially since they all exist with excruciatingly sad faces—cute but blue. Why do puppies have such a confused, painfully sad look on their faces? It’s universal! They appear lost and lonely even among the rest of their siblings and even while being handled by their human... Read more »