The Innocence of America is Being Shattered

Once a young and innocent country, America is headed toward embracing a second-world ideology (like Russia and China), full of cronies who lead by intimidation and succeed through corruption.


US Attorney Preet Bharara

Here’s an example: The firing of Preet Bharara, US Attorney, is no small mistake. President Trump fired Bharara because he feared the latter’s investigations into Trump’s questionable dealings. This is exactly the typical way corrupt officials in developing and second-world countries handle threats to their power--through bullying and deceit. Russia's Vladimir Putin, for instance, remains in power through this very tactic.

Once an industrious nation mostly in the clear and led by respectable presidents, America, slowly but surely, is spiraling downhill, thanks to a new type of “leader” who lacks the dignity of the office of the president.

Desperation never led to anything great. A Trump presidency is the sad result of our nation’s desperate pleas.

Bon voyage to our once-sound democracy. Here’s to a new age of corruption, deceit and ignorance—as second-world countries and developing worlds experience on a daily basis.

This sorry state of the union will last until the office of the presidency is restored to its nobler state by a credible leader—unless, that is, an unfortunate precedence has been sorely set.


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