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Drug Smuggler Job Description

Today two men were charged with attempting to smuggle $1 million worth of heroin via a healthy Labrador (actually, the dog’s crate) from Puerto Rico to New York—and failed, thanks to US security at JFK. Now with the plethora of creativity involved in drug smuggling and yet continual failing of the notorious crime, we must... Read more »

The Innocence of America is Being Shattered

Once a young and innocent country, America is headed toward embracing a second-world ideology (like Russia and China), full of cronies who lead by intimidation and succeed through corruption. Here’s an example: The firing of Preet Bharara, US Attorney, is no small mistake. President Trump fired Bharara because he feared the latter’s investigations into Trump’s... Read more »

The Best Gift of All

The best gift of all comes to those who wait For some it is too soon, for others too late But this gift is bestowed upon all by fate   Life for some is too brief, like a winter solstice For others, it’s too long, like a lover’s distance We’re all conceived in a fraction... Read more »