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Newborns Emerge Wailing in Protest

Newborns wail in protest to the life ahead. And their screams are not due solely to the trauma of birth. Rather, newborns are quite intelligent little tykes. They affectionately gurgle and smile a charming toothless grin when they are treated well. Earn a series of prolonged cries of distress when you contribute to their pain... Read more »

The Imp

The imp emerged unwillingly from the base of the pond, From the grime and dirtiest filth swirling at the pool’s nadirs Where a good life eschews itself Unleashing it into a grimy, pathetic existence No sunlight shines down in the deep It sees no rainbows cross the skies From the darkness of the depths, it... Read more »

On the Origin of Life: A Secular Scrutiny

The earth has supported life for billions of years. One thing is for certain: Whomever or whatever spent the last billions of years procreating life in its various forms must have been a single entity. Here’s why: Complex life on earth has peculiar and very similar characteristics, from the dinosaurs 245 millions of years ago... Read more »

Best Job in the World: Lottery Winner Supervisors

A Michigan man named Anthony Frabotta recently won one million dollars in the Michigan Lottery. He didn’t pick up the unknown number calling him–until the fourth attempt to reach the 66 year old. That unknown number was from the Michigan Lottery, calling to let him know he is to be awarded a cool million for... Read more »

New Couples Who Look Alike Tend to Last

A well-known belief is that long-lasting couples tend to start to resemble each other physically. A gradual increase in the similarity in physical appearance is due to consuming similar diets as well as mimicking each other’s facial expressions over time. How about new couples who initially attract those who look almost exactly like them? Consider... Read more »

How to Get High on Key Lime Pie: Courtesy of US Border Agents

US Customs and Border Patrol agents snagged bushels of key limes late January, enough to sell $800,000 worth of key lime pies on the street—and enough to make your head swoon. Mexican drug cartels get cleverer each day. Their latest ploy was to attempt to smuggle 34,764 packages of marijuana disguised as key limes across... Read more »