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VP Pence to be 46th US President

Vice President Mike Pence is a very happy man, because he knows in the back of his mind that he will soon be America’s 46th president. Donald Trump was elected as our 45th president. However, his presidency will hardly last, being threatened with impeachments left and right. President Trump does not know how to make... Read more »

The Great Wall of Trump

Let us wallow in sadness as we the citizens of our illustrious nation watch in wondrous disgust as our nonsensical president tries to erect a wall along the US-Mexico border. History has provided us with these 2 long-standing walls: The Great Wall of China – conceived by Emperor Qin Shi Huang in the 3rd century... Read more »

Surgeon vs. President: It's All In a Name

I’m a surgeon, though I’ve never wielded a scalpel Just as Donald Trump is president, though he’s never held public office   Do you trust me to operate? Would you trust Trump to govern?   I can call myself anything, from astronaut to chemist Though I’ve never been to outerspace (but I’ve seen it!) And... Read more »

El Chapo: Why Pity...a Ditty

El Chapo… You founded the Sinaloa cartel after going wacko Murdering rivals followed by merriment and gazpacho Your 2015 Mexican prison tunnel escape Won’t work here in the United States Try digging under your bathroom tub And be met with a slight rub You see, there’s nothing but another cell Underneath your new fiery prison... Read more »

Trump: His Highness the President of the United States of America, and Protector of Russia’s Liberties

In 1789, Congress debated what they would call the “presider” over their new government. Some delegates at the Constitutional Convention offered “His Highness the President of the United States of America, and Protector of Their Liberties” and Congress just threw in “President”. Ultimately, history has shown us that simpler is better. We know the US... Read more »

Trump the Imposter

The US office of the presidency was up until this month a position of honor, dignity and respect. President-elect Donald Trump has tarnished this once stellar, prestigious role. The US presidency is now a joke, a mockery, a twisted tale of personal gain over the best interests of our country (can we overtly serve you... Read more »

The World Died for Two Weeks

The world died for two weeks It hung from the celestial beams Of sunlight, of reflected stardust Not a single soul reached out As inhabitants rejoiced gaily in private company As dwellers lamented with only mice in their midst The timid disheartened, all hope obliterated The bighearted gorged with merriment The earthly sphere still dutifully... Read more »

The Physiognomy of Julian Assange

One look at Julian Assange reveals his genius. His bright, sharp eyes denote a curious, voracious appetite for the world around him and a brimming perspicacity. His wide forehead is the harbor for a well-developed intellect. The 6’2” Aussie hovers over his contemporaries, as he nonchalantly expresses an aristocratic air. The father of WikiLeaks is... Read more »

Dumb and Dumber: Trump & Jong-un

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is already posing as a national security threat to the US during president-elect Donald Trump’s administration with claims to launch missiles into Japan and even some that may reach the US. Trump has no serious, intelligent response to Jong-un’s threats, as one would expect from a commander-in-chief. In fact, Trump instead... Read more »

Trump Is Terrified of Putin…Which Makes Us Nervous as a Nation

President-elect Donald Trump is scared “skirtless” of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Russia has hacked into DNC emails, has hacked into Vermont electrical grids, thereby putting our nation at risk and still…still Trump wants to play nice with Putin. In recent events, Putin has been slowly and strategically edging his way, like a hungry, poised and coiled... Read more »