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The Two Divergent Life Paths

There are two kinds of paths in life. One path is paved with gold along the entire pathway. The individual who follows this path is Fortune’s darling. This person meets with incredible success and fulfillment with just enough hard work and scarcely an obstacle to overcome. This is the path many follow. It is the... Read more »

Ditch the Breakfast Cereal

How has breakfast cereal managed to hold America’s belief in it as a nutritious staple to be consumed every morning? From air popped rice to corn, breakfast cereal really has no nutritional value other than what a single vitamin provides. Instead, every grocery store contains an aisle that sells dozens and dozens of breakfast cereal... Read more »

The Enigma of the Merry-Go-Round

Whoever invented the merry-go-round must have been a cruel jokester. A lot of people have gotten on and off, some too soon—yet many linger for a very long time. Still it goes round. And around and around. There’s no stopping the merry-go-round. Ultimately, everyone gets off. Yet the merry-go-round never stays empty. There’s always a... Read more »

The Sewer, aka Earth

I work in the sewers underground, where muck and grime steadfastly accumulate. It’s a dark world, where obscene night is all I see. I dig in the trenches, led only by the occasional, faint light from the manholes above. I have with me my tablet with which to write. But day and night are identical,... Read more »

The Know-Nothing Presidency

We’re in for a whirlwind four years, given that president-elect Donald Trump refuses to back down from a role that is completely over his head (and hair). Not only does Trump have no experience in government, none whatsoever, but a large number of his cabinet picks are dangerously inexperienced, just like Trump. The new Secretary... Read more »

In a Rare Defense of Trump

There’s been a lack of support for our president-elect. However, an absence of stuffiness in the office of the president already presides, with Donald Trump’s cabinet picks of late. There’s a bit of glamour in his selections for U.N. Ambassador, the Chief of Staff, the Secretary of Transportation and Secretary of Defense. They certainly look... Read more »

Official Interview: I’m Running for President in 2020

Donald Trump set the precedent. Anyone can become president. Follow this real-life interview with a prominent journalist: Prominent Journalist: Trump controls 500 businesses. What qualifications do you possess? Riya: I write 500-word blog posts. I’m just as qualified as Trump to be president. Prominent Journalist: Trump is a public figure, well-recognized by millions of Americans... Read more »

The 3 Words of Hope for Our Nation

There are 3 words of hope for our nation: resignation, impeachment or incapacity. President-elect Donald Trump is regressing once again. Trump proposes a mandatory registry for Muslims, just as Hitler enforced a registry for Jews—circumstances that eventually led to the coercion of our country into World War II. Trump’s inclination is not progress for the... Read more »

Trump's True Slogan: Make Trump Great Again

President-elect Donald Trump won the electoral vote, but Clinton surpassed him in the popular vote. With half the country (54%) unsure of how successful Trump will be during his presidency, there is doubt that the egalitarian promoter of dreams will construct a greater America, as promised during his election campaign. In fact, with the majority... Read more »

Watch: Let It Snow Chicago Style

“Let It Snow” you say? Bah! Take a peek at the video above and customized lyrics below to the festive “Let It Snow”! It’s most appropriate for this weekend’s visit from Old Man Winter! “The Chicago winter is frightful I eyed a parking spot since nightfall In the morning I shoveled away Let it snow,... Read more »