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Bursting the Bubble of Celebrity

Famous people rock. They also pass stealthbombs and burp like the rest of us seven billion people. Even the likes of Kim Kardashian, who perhaps spritzes PooPourri over the surface of her queen’s toilet before starting her business—one of them—is not immune. Either celebrity is highly overrated, or star-struck people have a slight, naive case... Read more »

The Process of Elimination Streamlines As We Age

“You only live once, and if you do it right, once is enough,” Mae West said. As the years grow upon us, and as we nick another year onto our bedpost of life, we discover that fewer people bring us happiness. Success becomes nothing but a meaningless seven-letter word for the youthful chained by ambition.... Read more »

Top 3 Stale and Holy Grail of Pop Culture

British Chipotle Announcer The Holy Grail: Chipotle offers its menu of 17 delicious items, including burritos and bowls in the UK, too. Yum. The Stale: The choice of a British voice-over artist with an upper-class British accent promoting Chipotle in a recent radio ad stumps me. (And I savor Chipotle plus hanker for a London... Read more »

The Broken Cuckoo Clock

Design cuckoo clocks. It’s a burning passion of Pilwinkle’s. Themes the gnome would entertain for cuckoo clocks are death and love and birth…and death again, motifs common to nineteenth century Black Forest, Germany. Pilwinkle would sit in the cracked seat of his hand-built wooden chair, tottering in the cold, dampness of his modest abode off... Read more »

I Am Detroit

Detroit, crippled as it stands, is on the verge of dwindling into a ghost town with its own version of windswept tumbleweeds. The once-bankrupt city with a straggling low-income population, densely crime-ridden areas, a diseased economy and a flicker of hope, has started its rebound. Detroit takes on similarities to the broken citizens of our... Read more »

Preying Upon the Kind Instead of Praying for the Kind

Kind people’s hearts are too big to entertain ill will and malice. They have a well of compassion, are caring and forgiving to a fault. When kind people see an unmet need, they help. Their bountiful nature and generous outlook are more magnificent than the smallest of the tiniest hearts. There are many in this... Read more »

I Push People’s Buttons

I work in an elevator, and I push people’s buttons for a living. It’s my duty and I perform my responsibilities well. At times, I’ll press the button requested for a wrong floor. They’ll get off and get back on, recognizing the unfamiliar surroundings. They’ll get agitated. They’ll feel confused. But they’ll quickly get their... Read more »

1-Ingredient Recipe for the Good Life

Life is like an apple. You can slice it, dice it, peel it or just munch it raw. You can transform your apple into apple cobbler, apple turnover, apple fritter or decadent nut stuffed apples…whatever delights your appetite! Every master chef starts with knowing what delicious, “applicious” dish pleases her palate. Likewise, a hungry seeker... Read more »

TOTUS Pardoned in a Ceremony Fit for a King…(or Buffet)

Tot, this year’s Thanksgiving TOTUS (Turkey of the United States) received its lifetime pardon this afternoon from President Obama. With lavish good humor, Obama spared the rather spoiled (but still edible) turkey from the grand ol’ dinner table in an outside ceremony on the manicured White House lawn. Greeted by Obama’s two adorable nephews, Tot... Read more »

Stupid Cupid: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Dating

Yes. This relationship will work. It has all the ingredients of success: Two continents separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Two busy careerists. It’s a match made in heaven…or in the land of fools and honey. After all, Prince Harry and his short-term love interest Meghan Markle, have plenty of time to spend together with them... Read more »