4 Common sayings deflated

Myth #1: We are all born alone and die alone. Okay, no one is born alone. Some female carried us around for nine months then popped us out while being very much present. Myth #2: Power corrupts. Not necessarily so. Give power to a sleazy individual and you get sleazy consequences. Whatever you say, Pres... Read more »

Powerful Men Can’t Handle Their Power (Obviously)

Men in power for thousands of years have had a need to spread their seed. Kings had harems and emperors enjoyed the company of multiple competing wives. It’s perhaps the law of nature to ensure the survival of the fittest. After all, successful men only create just as powerful progeny in the long run, presumably,... Read more »

Good deeds are like Snapchat

The ancient quote read something like this: Good deeds are written in sand, while bad ones are engraved in stone. These days, the concept of good deeds can be likened to Snapchat messages, enjoyed for a moment then forgotten forever. It’s the bad deeds that people remember, perhaps because benevolent actions are taken for granted... Read more »
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The Unofficial Amazon Review of Food Art

Hmm. Not mmm, as in yummy—but hmmm, as in huh? Quite interesting from a contemporary, abstract point of view. It’s a rarity to consider a nail sandwich. Or, dry nail toast for that matter. Actually, any kind of metal condiment is largely unappetizing. Even a pad of butter wouldn’t help. The artwork is gingerly placed... Read more »

Life Manual: How to Solve the World’s Social Injustices

The editors of this ambitious project intended for the Life Manual, as proposed, to heal the world of its ugly injustices. The hopeful editors prepared extensively, covering a magnitude of social injustices, from intolerance to racism to misogyny to bigotry—that all humans face to some degree, no matter who they are or where they are... Read more »

We are all wheels inside a machine

We’re all wheels inside a working machine. Most of us are tiny wheels, still as important to the function of the overall machine as any other part. If even a tiny wheel were missing, the machine would cease to operate. Some of us are great big wheels, noticeable and grand, but just as relevant as... Read more »

Wooden Floors

Water can encourage mold growth on wooden floors. Moisture is highly discouraged on wooden floorboards. Emma, a queen in her little cottage, prized her wooden floors. The wooden floors were always polished like a gem. Her floorboards shone like bars of gold in the sun’s rays. When Emma noticed anything from a drop to a puddle... Read more »

When a high achiever gives up

When a high achiever gives up You know the world is harsh   When a caring person stops caring You see she’s had enough   When a giver refrains from giving You get that the world is unforgiving   When a hopeful person loses all hope You understand the world is bleak   A dismal... Read more »

Aliens Find Earth a Dependable Source of Entertainment

Aliens know where to find a good show when they want one. All they have to do is turn their attention to earth. Our world’s activities feature every imaginable genre of entertainment available. When the extraterrestrials want crime, they know to focus their attention on any weekend in Chicago, the drug kingpins of Columbia, Mexico... Read more »

One of Life's Unanswerable Puzzles

With no rhyme or reason, the philosopher-poet pondered thus: “Why do some live such splendid lives, “Filled with good, wealth and love inside? “Why are some frivolously tossed to the streets like dirt, “Tortured by a lifetime of emotional battle scars and hurt? “Why do some weep with joy for tomorrow, “While others weep with... Read more »