Life Manual: How to Solve the World’s Social Injustices

The editors of this ambitious project intended for the Life Manual, as proposed, to heal the world of its ugly injustices. The hopeful editors prepared extensively, covering a magnitude of social injustices, from intolerance to racism to misogyny to bigotry—that all humans face to some degree, no matter who they are or where they are... Read more »

Life's Only Guarantee

Those who depart to an early grave Are blessed and divinely saved Nothing will bring them back, Not a tear, hooray or life hack. In all earnest, believe you me, Earth is not the best place to be. The long gone are eternally fortunate, Escaping life’s brutality and hate. In all sincerity, we’ll all one... Read more »

If People Lived on Pangaea

Two hundred and fifty million years ago, our world was occupied with a single, massive continent known as Pangaea. Over millions of years, Pangaea separated to form the world’s continents as we know them today. But… what if…humans existed on Pangaea 250 million years ago? Based on historical evidence of humankind, people on Pangaea would... Read more »
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A Letter to My Friend in the Oval Office

Dear Donald, As one of your many closest friends and trusted confidantes, I have taken notice of your journey. You were once a carefree man of bravado, capable of achieving anything. Your gusto is what got you into your latest project, the US presidency. You mentioned you did not think being president would be such... Read more »

One Sentence Describes the Trump Presidency

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.” Speaker of the House Paul Ryan with all frivolity says President Trump is “new to this” thing called the American presidency. He even had the audacity to chuckle when he spoke those words! That’s no excuse to have an amateur run... Read more »

The Effect of the Presidency on Trump

President Donald Trump has not remarkably changed the US, but the presidency has indeed changed him. No longer does the president’s blond, effortless frontal flop have a life of its own. Rather his hair is thinning and losing its larger-than-life status—due to stress. His demeanor is far more subdued and serious. Trump is no longer... Read more »

If Trump Were Invited to Join the Russian Presidential Executive Office

In short, if President Trump were asked to join Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Executive Office, he would accept without a second’s worth of hesitation. Trump’s ego far outweighs his logic. As a businessman, he makes decisions within seconds. That’s just the trait of any successful entrepreneur. And Russia? It’s no question that Trump’s loyalties lie with... Read more »

First vs. Third World Problems

In an effort to examine first- versus third-world problems, there exists an ocean of difference yet similar characteristics—as we are all an important part of the human race. The first-world interchanges below are taken from real-life instances, the third-world from observed inferences: First World Problem (actually heard): “I had a bad weekend. It was reflected... Read more »

The Innocence of America is Being Shattered

Once a young and innocent country, America is headed toward embracing a second-world ideology (like Russia and China), full of cronies who lead by intimidation and succeed through corruption. Here’s an example: The firing of Preet Bharara, US Attorney, is no small mistake. President Trump fired Bharara because he feared the latter’s investigations into Trump’s... Read more »

Newborns Emerge Wailing in Protest

Newborns wail in protest to the life ahead. And their screams are not due solely to the trauma of birth. Rather, newborns are quite intelligent little tykes. They affectionately gurgle and smile a charming toothless grin when they are treated well. Earn a series of prolonged cries of distress when you contribute to their pain... Read more »