I'm beginning to realize, as I rapidly approach age 50, that this "geekery" thing is not a phase.

Doctor Who is my homeboy. All 11 of him. "Get a supersweet Doctor Who scarf" is on my bucket list. Don't even get me started on J.R.R. Tolkien.

I love Steampunks and Rennies and trekkers and ringers and gamers and comic book geeks and weirdos of every imaginable stripe. I prefer their company to anyone else's. The drawback of loving geeky stuff is finding it. There's a robust and thriving subculture in the city of Chicago, but they don't always talk to one another.

My personal quest is to talk about geeky stuff and serve as a sort of "traffic cop" between the tribes, as well as talk about movies and books and all the random shiny crap that catches geeks eye. Wish me luck. If this was a dumb idea, it wouldn't be the only one I had today.