"The World's End" Review: love is an apocalyptic mixtape


They had me at Shaun of the Dead. It's a real bummer that this franchise is going the way of all good things, but it's going out in high, geeky style.

If you love all things "cornetto" and the Simon Pegg/ Edgar Wright/Nick Frost team that delivers it, The World's End is one hell of a going away party for the trilogy. I loved every minute of it and I'm going to have to see it a couple more times to catch all the references. Oh yes, this movie was made for discussing in the nearest pub after.

In the tradition of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, The World's End is a small town "everybloke" story that goes horribly awry in supremely watchable ways. In World's End, Gary King (Brilliantly played by Pegg) is a drunken, drug-addicted man boy that peaked in his teens and never quite got a life after. He gets his friends together one last time to conquer "the golden mile," a 12 pub crawl that fell short of completion. Their drunken journey of revelation and dysfunction is cut short by an alien invasion.

The key to this franchise's success is how unapologetic everyone is about their geekery: they are pop culture savants, movie addicts and hardcore music geeks and they add it all to the mix. The viewer is rewarded on all levels. A person who has never seen the first two movies gets a sweet introduction to a smart and funny franchise and the crazy thunderlizard fans are richly rewarded with scene after scene of easter eggs. World's End isn't just a movie. It's literally a pub quiz. Good luck finding everything.

Also, in grand "cornetto" tradition is the soundtrack. It's random, eclectic and a fun accompaniment to this deranged last ride. Movies like this more than earn their place in pop culture. I'll be seeing it two more times. Possibly three. The audio commentary on the DVD should be an absolute riot. If I don't get my twelve collector pints, I shall be a very salty fangirl indeed.

Stay nerdy, my friends. That is all.

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