You will endure my crazy fan love of "The Walking Dead" and like it.

I love "The Walking Dead." Anyone who knows me knows  the only way you get to talk to me Sunday night  is to tweet me (@chunkymichonne) and do the running Twitter commentary during the show and The Talking Dead after.

The recent Paley Center for New Media panel discussions have been particularly geek-friendly. Their recent series of panel discussions by "Walking Dead" cast and crew members was amazing. Well, if you're a fan that is. Cheers and beers to the fan that caught this. You sir, are my dude.

I went to the  poorly-attended screening at the AMC River East and it was a fantastic viewing experience. They really need to promote those more. They are the AMC's best-kept secret.  Laurie Holden, who plays Andrea on the series, makes no apologies for Andrea's craptastic taste in men. That Chris Hardwick is pretty funny and keeps the pace peppy. Enjoy.



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