Cosplay is not the enemy


When Colorado Theater shooter James Holmes unleashed his sickness on an unsuspecting audience, the people of Colorado were forever changed.  The rest of the world could only watch helpless as story after story of injury, heroism and senseless death were told, and continue to be told. Then, in typical mainstream media fashion, the blaming commenced.

At the end of the day, the total blame and responsibility lies with one deeply screwed up dude with a ridiculous weapons cache and an absurd dye job. Since he isn't talking, at least not coherently, speculation has been running pretty rampant.  The relative lack of gun control in Colorado is pretty low hanging fruit in this blame game, but I personally don't think it's the sole culprit. A guy who booby traps his own home with crap tons of explosives doesn't strike me as someone easily deterred, certainly not by rule of law. This kind of crazy always finds a way. The fact that he would order 6,000 rounds of ammo the same way I shoe shop is pretty sickening and frightening. Yes, I definitely believe there should be greater control of assault weapons and freakishly large weapons magazines. Not all guns, just the pointless ones. If a dude on his third tour of duty doesn't need it, get over your delusions of Rambo and live with lower caliber weapons.

But I digress.

The whole reason I was moved to blog was a current online discussion among cosplayers, or people who dress in costume for movie events or conventions. There is a growing fear among them that they'll be seen in the same deranged and violent light as Holmes. AMC movie theaters, in their zeal to reassure theatergoers and address the tragedy, have now banned cosplay. In my opinion, this victimizes a group of people who are grieving with the rest of the populace and are just as traumatized.

I've been a fan of cosplay for absolute years and there has never ever been a problem of this magnitude. EVER. My absolute favorite cosplay memory was a "zombie invasion" of the AMC River East for the premiere of "Zombieland." A wide section of society, united only by their love of the walking dead,  came out and had a really good time and no one was hurt and I feel like this era is now dead. I feel like it's all slipping away because some asshole went off his meds, abused his second amendment rights and destroyed a lot of innocent lives. This is just one more layer of joy this nutjob has sucked out of the world and I hate hate hate him for it.

I feel myself straying from the point, so I'll wrap it up. I guess all I wanted to say  is, the next time you see a kid in costume, and after the tragedy, that's a pretty big damn "if," don't jump to the conclusion that they are a danger to you. Please believe they're not. They're just another group of people trying to make sense of it all.


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