"Katniss" Barbie. Damn, that was fast.

Barbiecollector.com unveiled their doll-sized rendition of the "Hunger Games" franchise heroine Katniss Everdeen. I don't know why, but my knee-jerk reaction was negative. For a fleeting moment, I felt like a Barbie version of Katniss cheapened the character somehow. I read and enjoyed the first book immensely. I'm currently enjoying the second and I've heard great things about the third. Despite being written for young adults, it has a wisdom beyond it's target market. I've been starved for a really good franchise, and "Hunger Games" could not have come along at a better time.

After getting over my book geek outrage, I gave it an additional 30 seconds thought and realized that fandom isn't just about the books or movies that you love. For a lot of fans like me, the swag is the garnish on the sweet experience. It's all about perching her on a cubicle with an arrow aimed at your cubicle mate's South Park bobble head. That is, if you actually dare to take it out of the box.

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