C2E2: It's like Homecoming for Nerds

C2E2 is finally back. This city's major celebration of all things nerdy has returned to McCormick Place April 13-15 and I could not  be more stoked.

The annual convention, which is looks like our own personal slice of San Diego Comicon with every passing year,  brings all the geeky tribes together: autograph seekers, comic book geeks, costumers and all the tribes in between to party, shop, take pictures, buy stuff, go to panels and buy stuff.  I tend to like to sample a bit of it all. I'll keep you abreast of all the stuff I get into.

Mostly I'm all about the movies and the swag but a big reason I attend events like these is to fly my freak flag at full mast and breathe the sweet douche-free air.

C2E2 is pretty much my big cantina where a fair handful of people know my name.  Looking through the program I'm really impressed with the quality of the celebrities they've  drawn (Joe Quesada of Marvel Comics and John Barrowman of "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood" are some personal favorites of mine). Any convention veteran can tell you, a lot of times conventions can be chock full of road-weary former stars of barely remembered shows, but I'm pleased to see that the convention is keeping things fresh.

What I particularly love about past C2E2s is the attention they pay to the "little guys:" kitchen table comic publishers, bloggers and podcasters. It's a detail a lot of other conventions miss.

I wanted to get going Friday, but fate was only moderately kind. I walked in just in time to snag my lanyard for the weekend and watch the selling floor close, but I did have a chance to see ItsJustSomeRandomGuy's panel. The creator of the YouTube sensation "I'm a Marvel...I'm a DC" showed his latest installment of his series "Zero Hour" and answered audience questions. He talked about his only moderately vast action figure collection and the fact that, if anyone wants to do an action figure of him, that would be totally fine. Cool guy. Great speaking voice. Hair like Superman's. Seriously.

I'm off to frock up in my customary "Modified steampunk" attire and commune with my tribe. More later. Passes are still available if you want to go. For more information go to c2e2.com.



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