"The World's End" Review: love is an apocalyptic mixtape

They had me at Shaun of the Dead. It’s a real bummer that this franchise is going the way of all good things, but it’s going out in high, geeky style. If you love all things “cornetto” and the Simon Pegg/ Edgar Wright/Nick Frost team that delivers it, The World’s End is one hell of... Read more »

"Heroes of Cosplay" review: fandom, cosplay and why Linda Stasi should suck it

I haven’t been a huge fan of Syfy since, well, they changed their name to Syfy. What the serious hell? A network that simultaneously screens and appears to be put off by science fiction feels like an odd, self-loathing bird. Slowly but surely, they’ve been changing my mind. Lately, at least to my eye, they’ve... Read more »

"Monsters University" is a great family movie that won't drive the parents up a wall

I have to cop to a bias: I’m a Pixar nerd. The better they get, the more I like ‘em. I can’t think of a film I’ve left feeling unhappy. It’s been leading the industry in CGI and the latest installation of the “Monsters” franchise steps their game up a bit more. That’s not to... Read more »

World War Z: how not to build a better zombie

Anyone who read and loved the Max Brooks Book “World War Z” should run screaming from this movie. Real talk: you’ll thank me. Everyone else: a matinee wouldn’t suck. Now that the housekeeping’s been done, I can put on my book geek cap and vent. First and foremost, This project can’t be done in one... Read more »

"After Earth." Because space camp is for poor people

I can’t even remember what the hell I was doing with my life when I was 14. I’m thinking Jaden Smith will remember for the rest of his life. He very nearly got his own action figure, has an IMDB resume that’s not too shabby, and can stroll into a restaurant mere grownup mortals can... Read more »

"Trance" is a scenic journey to crazytown that smells of red herring

The only thing that irks me more than a balls-out bad movie is an engaging movie that takes you on a scenic journey to crazytown. “Trance,” unfortunately, is the latter. Boyle was making this movie the same time he was working on the opening of the London Olympics. The cracks most definitely show. The movie... Read more »

Farewell to Ebert: big sendoff for a regular guy

I had a genuine opportunity to have a ringside seat for a chapter of Chicago history. I took it. I honestly didn’t think I would get into Roger Ebert’s funeral. I know a few people who didn’t even try. I’m nosy and pushy like my mother, so it’s really not in my nature to avoid... Read more »

Roger Ebert: My largely anecdotal eulogy for a cool-ass guy

I don’t remember the first time I saw “Sneak Previews” on Public Television, but I know I was in grade school. I was what they used to call a “latchkey kid,” a babysitter-free grade schooler with a key around my neck. During my “wonder years,” public television was a real buddy of mine. No commercials,... Read more »

You will endure my crazy fan love of "The Walking Dead" and like it.

I love “The Walking Dead.” Anyone who knows me knows  the only way you get to talk to me Sunday night  is to tweet me (@chunkymichonne) and do the running Twitter commentary during the show and The Talking Dead after. The recent Paley Center for New Media panel discussions have been particularly geek-friendly. Their recent... Read more »

"Oz the Great and Powerful" is merely okay, and that sucks

I think I would be less annoyed with “Oz the Great and Powerful” if it just plain sucked.  Granted, it wasn’t an awful movie, but it certainly wasn’t good.  How, in the name of all things nerdy, do you throw that much expensive crap onto the big screen, support it with a stellar cast and... Read more »