Jackie Robinson West: where do we go from here.

I didn’t know rage had a flavor until I read the news this morning.  I can still taste the bile in my mouth.  Jackie Robinson West lost their trophy in a cheating scandal.  Although the grownups were at fault, every bit of the stench of that word, “cheating,” is going to stick to the kids.... Read more »

CAKE Chicago vies for Awesome Chicago funds

Local indie small press convention CAKE Chicago is asking for the public’s help to get a $1000 grant from The Awesome Foundation to fund their video documentation. Winners are decided by the public’s vote. If you want to help fund the group, click the link here, cast your vote and cross your fingers.

Fandom : A House Divided

I’ve been internalizing this crap for years and I feel really ready to put the burden down. Whatever your opinion of police relations, race relations, or whatever, you have to admit a dialogue has been sparked. I’m hoping we, as a nation, will get through it, so we can get past it. An as yet... Read more »
ChicagoNow Video

The Feast of the Pie-Eating Hermit

I’m sorry, interwebs. Not all of us are all comfy cozy extroverts with a perverse need to converse with other people. Some of us just want to carb load in relative peace without the encumbrance of bindy pantaloons or human interaction of any. kind. By “us,” I mean retail workers. Once all the entire freaking... Read more »

One geek's wish: The best convention EVAR

It would figure for me to finally find a genie, finally get the wish and the stupid genie picks the wish: “You get your perfect day.” Welp, I better make the most of this. That’s easy-peasy for any geek. Heaven is a convention. In my shiny happy headspace, I wake up in a massive corner... Read more »

Live tweeting is life

I’m a bit of Janey-come-lately in the Twitter game. After finally putting on my big girl shoes and getting a good smartphone, I now see the appeal. I wish I had a dollar for every fleeting thought I have in an hour. That’s where live tweeting comes in. Live tweeting is pretty much sitting down,... Read more »

"The World's End" Review: love is an apocalyptic mixtape

They had me at Shaun of the Dead. It’s a real bummer that this franchise is going the way of all good things, but it’s going out in high, geeky style. If you love all things “cornetto” and the Simon Pegg/ Edgar Wright/Nick Frost team that delivers it, The World’s End is one hell of... Read more »

"Heroes of Cosplay" review: fandom, cosplay and why Linda Stasi should suck it

I haven’t been a huge fan of Syfy since, well, they changed their name to Syfy. What the serious hell? A network that simultaneously screens and appears to be put off by science fiction feels like an odd, self-loathing bird. Slowly but surely, they’ve been changing my mind. Lately, at least to my eye, they’ve... Read more »

"Monsters University" is a great family movie that won't drive the parents up a wall

I have to cop to a bias: I’m a Pixar nerd. The better they get, the more I like ’em. I can’t think of a film I’ve left feeling unhappy. It’s been leading the industry in CGI and the latest installation of the “Monsters” franchise steps their game up a bit more. That’s not to... Read more »

World War Z: how not to build a better zombie

Anyone who read and loved the Max Brooks Book “World War Z” should run screaming from this movie. Real talk: you’ll thank me. Everyone else: a matinee wouldn’t suck. Now that the housekeeping’s been done, I can put on my book geek cap and vent. First and foremost, This project can’t be done in one... Read more »