Travelle at The Langham offers a calligraphy brunch workshop

Travelle at The Langham offers a calligraphy brunch workshop
Calligraphy Brunch at The Langham. Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

In what may be the first of its kind, The Langham Chicago (330 N. Wabash Ave) is hosting a calligraphy workshop series.

You may have thought that this ancient art, dating back to 600 BC, was dead with the exception of wedding invitations.


It seems, there are many reasons why people are learning calligraphy including to add personalization to cards, notes, logos, presentations, gifts and in some cases even for help with medical conditions such as Parkinson's disease.

At Saturday's calligraphy workshop at The Langham, there were a variety of people attending spanning a broad age range of both males and females and a wide range of reasons for wanting to learn calligraphy.


Instructor Ricki DiCola. Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

The workshop started with a choice of a mimosa or a glass of champagne, a bit of conversation and an introduction to calligraphy  before the first course arrived.

Instructor Ricki DiCola of r + ink , who has been practicing calligraphy for 25 years, explained the "tools of the trade" that start with the choice of a hard tip or a soft tip pen.

For beginners, DiCola recommends the soft tip. With all of our supplies beautifully placed in front of us, we got down to business learning the importance of the paper, arm movement and even breathing techniques.

Then our lesson paused for the beautiful starter course--a trio of avocado toast, chicken & waffles with maple glazed bacon, an egg and fresh fruit.

Starter course. Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

Starter course. Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

The lesson continued with simple strokes, light and strong pressure and practice. Surprisingly (to me), the art of calligraphy only uses a few techniques but requires a lot of practice. DiCola says she still practices daily.

The second and third courses of the brunch, both, delicious, punctuated the lesson and we were on our way.

One more calligraphy workshop is scheduled at The Langham on June 1 from 11am to 1pm.

Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

Photo: Carole Kuhrt-Brewer

The $65 fee includes all necessary tools to master the art of modern handwriting, and the brunch from Chef Jeff and Pastry Chef Danielle Marelli. The three-course brunch includes a welcome glass of champagne, followed by a seasonal fruit platter and shared Chicken and Waffles and Avocado Toast for the first course; a second course choice of English Benedict, Travelle Benedict, or ‘MAC’ Burger; and shared Chocolate Cake and Banoffee Bread Pudding for dessert.

Where: Travelle at The Langham, Chicago, 330 N. Wabash Avenue

Reservations: To make a reservation, call 312.923.7705 or visit

About Travelle at The Langham, Chicago

Situated on the second floor of the luxurious Langham hotel in an iconic skyscraper designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe that once housed IBM regional headquarters, Travelle is located along the Chicago River in the heart of downtown Chicago. A play on the word travel, Travelle is a casually elegant restaurant, lounge, and bar featuring seasonal American cuisine. Dishes feature fresh ingredients, utilizing their connection with some of the finest farms, ranches and orchards in the nation. Alongside a carefully curated wine list, Travelle boasts a beverage program that highlights skillfully-crafted classic cocktails. Influenced by the romance of the digital age, architect/designer David Rockwell of the Rockwell Group creates a modern environment that conveys history, sophistication and nostalgia into the 124-seat restaurant and 81-seat bar and lounge that overlook the Chicago skyline and river.

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