New Year’s Eve: Five secrets from Bon Appetit's Andrew Knowlton on how to avoid a hangover

New Year’s Eve: Five secrets from Bon Appetit's Andrew Knowlton on how to avoid a hangover
Photo: Chicago Tribune

It’s no surprise that New Year's Eve is the biggest drinking night of the year--so what can you do to avoid that dreaded “hangover” that often follows a long night of drinking?

I asked Bon Appetit's drinking editor, Andrew Knowlton, when he was in town for Chicago Gourmet, to share his professional advice.

Knowlton, who's been with Bon Appetit for nearly two decades, offered his "five secrets to avoid a hangover.” 

Whether you splurge at a $500 per person all inclusive NYE party or stay at home and imbibe with friends and family (or alone)--"With a little drinking smarts" Knowlton says, "there is a way to avoid those morning after regrets."

Although I had heard that you should stick to one type of spirits or wine, Knowlton says it’s alright to mix your drinks if you do it in the right order. So here without further ado are...

The five secrets to avoid a hangover:

1. Start the evening with a glass of white wine.

2. Next drink light colored spirits.  Knowlton likes gin but suggests "vodka with bitters" for those who are not fans of gin. Whatever spirit you choose, drink it straight, on the rocks or with water...not with sweet sodas or mixes.

3. As the evening continues, switch to brown spirits (scotch, rum, whiskey...pick one).  Knowlton's personal choice is bourbon--on the rocks, straight or with water--again nothing sweet.

4. Save the red wines for last.

5. And perhaps most important of all, always drink slowly, eat and drink water throughout the evening.

Follow his drinking tips and, no matter, if you toast in 2019 with Dom Perignon, hit the mark with Makers, or go for the less pricey PBR, Skol vodka or the big jug of Carl Rossi Reserve, you can welcome in the New Year and still feel good in the next day.

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