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Holiday Drinking Allergy Free Part I

Today’s post is not for your child with a peanut allergy. From time to time I like to imbibe in a little cocktail. If I were one of those popular vintage housewifey magnets my slogan for the holidays would say something like: I like booze and liquor. After baking this GF cake all day, I... Read more »

Top 10 Healthiest Cookbooks to Get and Give

Some of these suggestions are not your typical food allergy cookbooks but accidentally are. 

The Bread Blog

Whenever I mention my food allergies I always hear the same thing (more like a lament): “What about bread? OMG no bread. I’d die without bread.” I try to get my carbs from veggies but occasionally I will purchase brown rice bread from Trader Joe’s or their Gluten Free French Rolls. I was less impressed... Read more »