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Allergy Free Holiday Favorites

Keeping Christmas dinner allergy free can be a real challenge but Honey Baked Hams are helping out, here’s their message according to their website: We have reformulated our glaze to be considered free of allergens. This means our hams and turkey breasts DO NOT contain glutens. Many of my readers have peanut allergies. Cross contamination is... Read more »

The Emotional Side of Food Allergies

This is an exceptionally difficult time of year if you have food allergies. There may be holiday favorites that you miss. It’s especially challenging if you have multiple allergies. Here’s how to cope, emotion by emotion. Disappointed: Focus on what you can eat v. what you cannot. Even if your list of allergens is somewhat... Read more »

Holiday Baking Ingredient Substitutions

It’s the holiday baking season and I know I’ve got my game face on (and it’s covered in chickpea flour). You can re-vamp any recipe with a little MacGyvering. Here’s a helpful list of substitutions for common allergens. Cow Milk Notice I call it “cow milk” and not just “milk”; some folks can tolerate goat... Read more »

Holiday Eating Out with Chicago Classic Style

All that holiday shopping can sure build up an appetite. Chicago is a tough town if you have food allergies When you can’t eat pizza, hot dogs, or sandwiches what do you do? Think of this little guide as a food allergy version of Eat This Not That done up Chicago style. Chicago Pizza Pie... Read more »

Gluten Free Butterball Gravy Exists

I thought it was a myth at first, like the Loch Ness Monster, but apparently it does exist. Just in time for Thanksgiving, Butterball is giving gluten the bird. Ohh! I know I just couldn’t help myself to that pun. I guess mainstream companies are catching up. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise since... Read more »

Thanksgiving pumpkin chocolate chip bars

In our high-tech world nothing is more appreciated than something homemade. I’m going to an early Thanksgiving pot-luck and I’m making Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars. This dessert has mass appeal. Those who are lactose intolerant will like it because its dairy-free. Vegans will like it because there is no dairy. Chocolate lovers will appreciate the... Read more »

Thanksgiving Allergy-free style

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. I have to say I am grateful to all the allergy free markets and producers. Food allergy cuisine is a lot better than it used to be! To further keep the EpiPens at bay, I have a few helpful hints dish by dish. Stuffing is a big no-no... Read more »

Take Back the Cake

Does your food allergy deepen your desire for one of those sugary sheet cakes? Tomorrow is my birthday and while I’m okay with getting older, I do really miss cake. If you miss cake too I have some DIY options as well as some local resources to buy food-allergy friendly cakes. Making one yourself is... Read more »