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Play with Food: Tweets of the Week and More

It’s time for my weekly wrap-up. Here’s some interesting tweets I found this week, some are from the many beautiful people mentioned in my Healthy Eaters Who Look Good post. As you can see from their tweets they all walk the walk. Some are vegan, some fancy steak. I do want to include a little... Read more »

Allergy Free Skincare from Merz Apothecary

The New Year brings motivation for self-improvement. Many of use with food allergies also have allergic reactions to mainstream skin care products. Additionally, traces of dairy can be found in some moisturizers and cosmetics. If you are allergic to tree nuts you should avoid shea butter and any products containing it. Merz Apothecary owner, Anthony... Read more »

Play with Food: Best Superfoods of the Decade

I’m beginning my weekly wrap-up with a list of my favorite superfoods from the past decade. None of these foods are popular allergens but of course if you are allergic to any of them please avoid.  Next, I want to share a blog I found which I think a lot of the “peanut moms” can... Read more »

Eat Allergy Free for the Holidays on ChicagoNow Radio

I will be talking with Bill Leff on ChicagoNow Radio WGN 720 tomorrow live at 10 AM to discuss common holiday foods people can still eat while respecting their food allergies. Additionally, my list of stocking stuffers keeps growing. I’ve also found some allergy free treats that might make your Hanukkah 2009 a little happier. 

Holiday Baking Ingredient Substitutions

It’s the holiday baking season and I know I’ve got my game face on (and it’s covered in chickpea flour). You can re-vamp any recipe with a little MacGyvering. Here’s a helpful list of substitutions for common allergens. Cow Milk Notice I call it “cow milk” and not just “milk”; some folks can tolerate goat... Read more »

Holiday Drinking Allergy Free Part II

In my life away from this blog I sometimes tend bar. If today is a Snow Day, you might be in the mood for a vegan Eggnog by the fire. Most creamy drink recipes include 2 oz of regular cream but I recommend a few substitutes you can experiment with. Silk Soy Milk  So Delicious... Read more »

Holiday Drinking Allergy Free Part I

Today’s post is not for your child with a peanut allergy. From time to time I like to imbibe in a little cocktail. If I were one of those popular vintage housewifey magnets my slogan for the holidays would say something like: I like booze and liquor. After baking this GF cake all day, I... Read more »

Top 10 Healthiest Cookbooks to Get and Give

Some of these suggestions are not your typical food allergy cookbooks but accidentally are. 

Play with Food: I'm No Competitive Eater

If you are doing some holiday shopping downtown please check out Chicago Downtown Farmstand near Randolph and Michigan. Santa likes localvores and they have Nicole’s Gluten-Free crackers and vegan cookies from Tiny Cakes. Sometimes having food allergies can lead to deficiencies. World’s Best Foods is a great resource for recipes as well as finding info... Read more »

Holiday Eating Out with Chicago Classic Style

All that holiday shopping can sure build up an appetite. Chicago is a tough town if you have food allergies When you can’t eat pizza, hot dogs, or sandwiches what do you do? Think of this little guide as a food allergy version of Eat This Not That done up Chicago style. Chicago Pizza Pie... Read more »