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Father's Day: The Allergy Free Way

Father's Day: The Allergy Free Way
If your Dad has food allergies he can still have as much fun as all those other Dads who can eat anything. Bring on the Man-Food! Here’s a few ideas for keeping Father’s Day fun and allergy free. 

Dear Patricia: I Miss Bread

Dear Patricia:  I recently had my food allergies tested and I’m allergic to wheat. I love bread. I miss it so. I miss sandwiches, toast—–French toast, not to mention foods that you wouldn’t think have bread in them like meatloaf that’s coated with bread crumbs. What am I going to do now? Can you help... Read more »

The Crazy Things the Non-allergic Say

Maybe you’ve heard some of these: “You can’t eat anything can you?”“Well can’t you just have a little?”“Oh My God I’d just die if I couldn’t eat ice cream (or cheese, etc.)” Well, here’s some of the delicious foods we can eat: Arghhh. I’m getting all feisty just writing this. I do believe that the... Read more »