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Sweet Freedom with Ricki Heller

Since going sugar free I am so grateful to find Ricki Heller’s book Sweet Freedom: Desserts You’ll Love Without Wheat, Eggs, Dairy or Refined Sugar. First of all, Ricki Heller PhD, RHN wears many hats: educator, writer, cookbook author, natural nutritionist and lover of all things canine. Her blog Diet, Dessert and Dogs has many... Read more »

Sweet Freedom with Ricki Heller

I have surpassed two weeks sans sugar. I guess when the student is ready the teacher appears. Affairs of Living blogger Kim introduced me to blog created by Ricki Heller, PhD, RHN titled Diet, Dessert and Dogs that’s all about Anti-Candida living, healthy recipes, plus commentary from her dogs. Ricki describes herself as an educator,... Read more »

Eat Free Be Free

So far I have survived one whole week without sugar. As I reflect I’m amazed at how one bottle of agave nectar would last only about four days in my cupboard. I’ve had a lot of “detox” headaches. One trick I learned recently from from Author, Speaker, and Life Coach (who specializes in The Power... Read more »