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Sallon Fallon Vs. Mimi Kirk

From the looks of this photo one would think Mimi Kirk would be the "winner" here but I believe its a matter of choosing the right paleo diet.
I noticed this photo rising in popularity among my healthy “friends” on Facebook. Whenever I buy a nutrition book I take a long hard look at the author. If the diet works then the author should look amazing, right? For those not in the “know” let me give you a little 411 on Sally Fallon... Read more »

Evolve Kefir Comes to Chicago

Evolve is a “probiotic smoothie” from NYC based Mountainside Farms (New York’s premier dairy supplier, family-owned Mountainside Farms, ) and it’s now available at many Chicago Jewel stores.  Kefir means “feel good” in Turkish. Will you “feel good” drinking kefir? That depends. Kefir is not dairy free, but some individuals who do not experience anaphylaxis... Read more »