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Raw and Superfood Easter Essentials from Sunfood

If you prefer to not give healthy eating a holiday, then Sunfood has some raw foods, superfoods and recipes for you to try this Easter. On Easter morning while some are Easter egg hunting you could be blending this delicious superfood smoothie.  Berry Vanilla Smoothie Recipe 1tsp Maqui 1/2 tsp Camu Camu 1/2 cup Frozen... Read more »

Play with Food: Love and Kisses

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I want to remind everyone to play safe. I’m not referring to condom use, although that’s not a bad idea. What I mean by playing it safe is if you know you or your partner has anaphylactic reactions to peanuts you should be careful in regards to kissing. I would... Read more »

Confessional: I Heart My Dehydrator

From time to time I’d like to blog what I call a “confessional”. I see no better way to purify my soul than to expose really embarrassing details about my life to the many people reading this blog. I confess I heart my dehydrator and I’m addicted to using it. I bought an Excalibur MacDaddy... Read more »