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A Shout Out to All the Moms

During this stressful holiday season I can only imagine how difficult it can be to have a child with a serious food allergy. Not only do you feel helpless at times but you have the uncomfortable task of dealing with the other adults who can’t understand why your child’s food allergy has put an end... Read more »

Holiday Baking Ingredient Substitutions

It’s the holiday baking season and I know I’ve got my game face on (and it’s covered in chickpea flour). You can re-vamp any recipe with a little MacGyvering. Here’s a helpful list of substitutions for common allergens. Cow Milk Notice I call it “cow milk” and not just “milk”; some folks can tolerate goat... Read more »

Do You Speak "Allergese"?

Allergese is a phrase I coined describing the so very complicated words that you may find when reading labels. According to FALCPA (the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act) the top 8 allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat) have to be indicated in plain English. Of course, if your allergies are not... Read more »

Play with Food: Round Up of the Week's Best Links

As a blogger I love to be a “way-shower” and share all the great food allergy info that comes my way. Each week I will be featuring a round up of the best and most noteworthy links, products and info. Triumph Dining always has great gluten-free info and this week they do not disappoint as... Read more »

A Safe Peanut Butter Alternative

If you or your kids have a peanut allergy the only safe alternative is soy nut butter. It may seem like common sense to try out other nut butters like almond, tahini or sunflower seed, being that they don’t actually contains peanuts. I don’t advise this because consumption poses too much of a risk due... Read more »

Top Five Food Allergy Sites

Jules Shepard is the goddess of all things gluten free. Shepard uses a mix of five grains and starches to mimic the properties of wheat flour. Shepard also wrote a fun, vintage inspired cookbook titled Nearly Normal Cooking for those with food allergies missing comfort foods. If there were an instruction manual for dairy-free eating... Read more »