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Eat Free Be Free

So far I have survived one whole week without sugar. As I reflect I’m amazed at how one bottle of agave nectar would last only about four days in my cupboard. I’ve had a lot of “detox” headaches. One trick I learned recently from from Author, Speaker, and Life Coach (who specializes in The Power... Read more »

Healthy Eaters Who Look Good

Need some inspiration for your 2010 healthy eating plan? Sometimes its hard to stay motivated when you crave the very things you are allergic to. Vanity can be a great motivator. All of these healthy eaters are dairy free, some avoid wheat, some are vegetarian and some are not but they all eat real food.... Read more »

Milk and Cookie Pairings for Santa Claus

I don’t know if Santa Claus is following a Gluten free diet or perhaps is lactose intolerant but here are some delicious pairings just in case. By providing these allergy free goodies you will certainly be put on Santa’s nice list for sure.

Holiday Drinking Allergy Free Part II

In my life away from this blog I sometimes tend bar. If today is a Snow Day, you might be in the mood for a vegan Eggnog by the fire. Most creamy drink recipes include 2 oz of regular cream but I recommend a few substitutes you can experiment with. Silk Soy Milk  So Delicious... Read more »

Top 10 Healthiest Cookbooks to Get and Give

Some of these suggestions are not your typical food allergy cookbooks but accidentally are. 

Thanksgiving Tips for Eating Out

My family is eating out this year and I face the challenge of figuring out what the *&%# am I going to eat? I’m not just gluten or simply dairy free but my Thanksgiving dinner needs to be free of eggs, soy, kidney beans, yeast, and oysters and of also wheat and dairy.  If you... Read more »